Eternity Rings Are Popular in Auckland

Eternity Rings Are Popular in Auckland

The two most common types of women’s rings are an engagement ring which is worn by a woman who has been asked to join a marital bond. Then that ring is paired with a wedding ring at the wedding ceremony. However, there is another ring for both men and women, which symbolises eternal love and as a result is called an eternity ring.

Eternity rings are often plain bands but sometimes they may have diamonds or other jewels circling the band in a uniform appearance. These rings can be found at fine jewellers, or they can be found online at jewellery sites.

Types of Eternity Ring

  1. Full Eternity Rings

The most common type of eternity ring is the full eternity ring. This ring has precious or semi-precious stones going all the way around the ring, evenly distributed. The diamond eternity ring is popular, but one can also find other gems including sapphires, emeralds and rubies making up such rings.

The full eternity ring is meant to symbolise the sentiment for eternity. These rings, particularly the diamond varieties, are generally more expensive than half eternity rings.

  1. Half Eternity Rings
Diamond eternity ring Auckland

Diamond eternity ring Auckland

This variety features stones on the top of the ring, but not all the way around. Therefore, instead of little stones evenly placed around the ring, a person can feature some larger stones on top if they desire. It is easier to make size adjustments with half eternity rings due to the stones only being on top. These rings may also be more comfortable for the wearer due to the stones only being on top.

What Are Some Reasons To Give An Eternity Ring?

  1. Wedding Anniversary

For a couple celebrating a significant wedding anniversary, an eternity ring is the perfect gift for the husband to give to his wife. One of the most popular styles is the yellow gold or white gold band encrusted with diamonds all the way around.

  1. Birth Of A Child

When a woman has a child, she will love that child forever. An eternity ring given to the mother by the father symbolises her love for the child and his appreciation of that love.

  1. Sweet 16

Husbands don’t just have to give eternity rings to their wives, and fathers need not be the only give eternity rings to the mothers. Dads may want to celebrate their daughter’s 16th birthday with an eternity ring. It symbolises his love for his daughter and his acknowledgment that she is becoming a woman.

  1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that special occasion when two people celebrate their love. Instead of chocolates or flowers, a man may choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day by buying his wife an eternity ring. This lasts longer than flowers or rings and is less common so the wife will always remember her husband’s special gift to her.

How Do You Wear An Eternity Ring?

EterniEternity ring Aucklandty ring Auckland

Eternity ring Auckland

With a wedding and engagement ring, custom still comes into play, although not everyone follows it. On the day of the wedding, before a person is married, the person takes their engagement ring and places it on the third finger on their right hand. As the wedding ceremony is taking place, the soon to be married man places the wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger. After the couple is married, the engagement ring is moved to the left-hand ring finger.

With eternity rings, the ring is often worn on the same finger as the wedding ring, either in addition to or in place of. Therefore, some women choose to wear their engagement ring and their eternity ring instead of their engagement ring and their wedding band.   However, where a woman wears the ring is a personal choice.

If you are in the market for an eternity ring, research information about the rings online. Then either visit your local jewellery store to purchase or order an eternity ring online click here for some examples of eternity rings in Auckland. If ordering online, ensure that you are working with reputable websites like Orsini Fine Jewellery. Take the time to choose your ring carefully and make sure you know your ring size. Most websites will require a signature upon delivery due to the cost and nature of the item.