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Carpet Cleaning West Auckland – Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips

Over time, your carpet will either deteriorate, or may even gets stains on it. Either way, you will want to clean it somehow. Some people will automatically look in a search engine for “Carpet Cleaning West Auckland”, looking for a professional. Others will want to try a DIY carpet cleaning job. If you are in the latter category, here are a few tips to help you.


Regular Care And Maintenance

Carpet cleaning west AucklandIf you clean your carpet regularly with a good quality vacuum cleaner, that will go a long way to keeping your carpet clean, and free from larger bits of dust and grit. This can extend the life of your carpet by five years or more. Regularly vacuuming your carpet, will keep dirt and other particles from being ground in to the fibres of your carpet.


Another option is to not wear outdoor shoes on your carpet. Only allowing people to wear socks or slippers will stop grit, mud, and oils from people’s feet, from getting into the carpet.


Cleaning A Carpet

Even with the best care, it is almost inevitable that your carpet will get some stains, or dirt. For example, food or drink spills. If this does happen, then you can use some home-made carpet cleaning agents to make your carpet look like new.


Cleaning The Whole Carpet

If you are going to clean the whole carpet, then use warm water rather than hot or cold. This allows the dirt, and bodily oils to be broken down faster, and more completely. A good mix of white vinegar and warm water is a really good carpet cleaning agent. However, some people might want to buy a carpet cleaning solution from the supermarket, or DIY store. White vinegar is good to use as it pulls and dirt residue from the fibres making the carpet softer to touch as well as being cleaner.


Removing Stains

If there are any stains on your carpet, there are various treatments you can use. For example, if there is a red wine stain, then club soda works well. A couple of other more unusual cleaners are brake cleaning fluid for tough food stains while WD40 will work for oil or grease marks.


For the brake cleaner, you simply put the cleaner on a clean cloth and then blot the stain. Do not rub it. When the stain is cleaned, you can rinse the area using a white vinegar and water solution.


To remove oil spots with WD40, spray the stain and leave to sit for half an hour. Again, blot the area dry before rinsing well using a mixture of warm water and washing-up soap.


For less difficult stains, you can use shaving cream. Apply it directly onto any stains then leave to set for half an hour. Once the shaving cream has set, gently blot it away using a clean, dry white cloth. Afterwards make sure you rinse the area with a white vinegar and warm water solution.


When cleaning carpet stains you must remember to blot the affected area and never rub it. If you rub the carpet, this does two things. It grinds the particles into the carpet fibres rather than lifting them out. Secondly, and it can also breakdown of the fibres, pulling them out leaving you with holes in your carpet.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in West Auckland

Some people may not feel confident enough to use these techniques and will prefer to hire a company for Carpet Cleaning in West Auckland.  If that is you, then a good company to look at is Go Green Carpet Cleaning.  They also use eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods so you can feel comfortable about your impact on the west Auckland environment too.


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