The Perfect Engagement Ring

Shop For The Perfect Engagement Ring With These Essential Tips

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery that a woman will ever wear. The ring you choose for her will be symbolic of the love you feel for her and the commitment which you want to make to her, and every time she looks at the ring it will remind your beloved of this.

But that is not the only consideration. Once she has agreed to be your wife, she is likely to wear the ring every day and will probably continue to wear it even after you are married. Therefore, it must be of good quality so that it will be able to meet the demands of everyday life without too much wear and tear.

You may decide to propose without a ring and shop for engagement rings together. Alternatively, you may take somebody who knows her well, such as a best friend or a sister, with you so that you can get a second opinion on your choice. But if you do decide to choose the engagement ring yourself, here are some important factors to think about.

What Is Her Ring Size?

One of the biggest challenges may be secretly finding out her ring size. If she already wears a ring on an occasional basis, try discreetly getting hold of this and taking it to a jeweller for sizing. Family members may also be able to help you.

If you truly cannot find out her size, err on the side of caution and opt for a larger ring rather than a smaller one. It is simpler for a jeweller to reduce the size of the ring than make a band bigger. Alternatively, ask what the retailer’s policy is in regards to exchanging engagement rings for a different size. Do not fear as jewellers face this problem regularly and so will not be fazed by it.

What Is Her Current Lifestyle?

Rose gold engagement ring Auckland

Rose gold engagement ring Auckland

Another factor which is frequently overlooked is what the woman’s lifestyle is like. For example, if she works in a profession where she is handling delicate fabrics then she will not want a large stone with a pointed cut which might cause snags.

The durability of the metal may be worth thinking about as well. Platinum is expensive but ultimately more durable than some metals such as white gold. Therefore, you may decide that platinum is worth the investment if her job means that she uses her hands a lot.

What Is Her Style?

Now that you have thought about the practicalities, you need to consider what her likes and dislikes are. This might be easy if she has ever given hints about what sort of styles of ring she likes. For example, she may have shown great admiration for a friend’s 3-stone diamond ring. However, there is no guarantee that the subject of rings and jewellery has ever come up in your relationship. It may arouse suspicion if you suddenly bring up the topic.

If you are not sure about which style of engagement ring would appeal to your girlfriend, pay very close attention to the sort of jewellery that she wears already. Predominantly you need to think about whether she wears items with a yellow or silver hue. If silver toned jewellery is more to her taste, look at white gold or platinum engagement rings. If she almost always wears yellow gold, stick to regular or rose gold jewellery.

Finally, you need to decide on a gem stone. If she has ever said that she does not like diamonds, look at other durable stones such as sapphire or rubies. However, the majority of women love diamonds so it is normally a safe choice. Also since diamonds are usually not coloured, they will go with any colour clothing she wears. There is a whole load of information about diamonds such as the colour, size and the cut or shape. A jeweller like Orsini in Auckland can give you more information on diamond cuts and what may suit your fiancee.

An engagement ring is a very precious piece of jewellery. If you get it right, she will have a ring which she loves almost as much as the person who gave it to her.

How To Pick Out An Engagement Ring

How To Pick Out An Engagement Ring

solitaire engagement ring

solitaire engagement ring

If you are getting ready to propose or planning to get married, you will need to take some time to look at engagement rings. This can be a special time in your life and you will want to find the perfect ring to wear or to give to your partner. It might take some time before you are able to find it. Here are some tips on picking an engagement ring.


The first thing you should do is figure out what style you want to get. This might mean that you have to spend some time looking at photos of rings. There are a lot of choices out there and it would be best if you were able to look to see which type you really like. Or more precisely, what type your fiancée will like.


If you are picking out the ring for someone else, it would be best to know what styles they like. You can just ask them or ask one of their friends if it is a secret. Friends can really help you out if need be. If she has a sister ,that is always a good avenue to follow. Her sister will know all your girlfriend’s preferences. And of course she will love to be involved too.


After you have a general idea of what you would like to get, you can start visiting a few stores. You might want to start at a mall since they tend to have more than one jewelry store. By visiting the stores you can get an idea of what you can buy in your price range. You can also figure out which stores have the best prices and plans for when you buy the ring.


3 stone diamond ring

3 stone diamond ring

If you would be a good idea to really think about things before you buy. You want to be sure that the ring is the right one. Being that the ring will cost you a lot of money, you want to be sure before you get it and decide later that you wanted something else. I’m sure will not be expecting a massive diamond like the Cullinan but she will certainly want a ring that suits her, maybe a solitaire engagement ring or a 3-stone style.


Once you have thought it over, it will be time to buy it. Some people are able to pay cash for the ring but a lot of people have to put it on credit. You can do this with your own credit card or you can sometimes get credit at the store you buy it from. It just depends on what they have available and what they will do for you.


It would be important to take out a protection plan on your ring. You want to be sure that if anything where to happen to it that you would be covered. You also want a way to be able to get it cleaned and some stores include a free cleaning with a plan.


Once you get it home you want to make sure you keep it in a safe place. It would not be a good idea to walk around town with it or just keep it in your pocket for a long period of time. You want to make sure it stays safe until it is on you or your loved one’s finger.

If you have been to a few jewellery stores and can’t seem to find anything, you can always order online. It is important that you know what size ring you would need. Although they do this at a store, you would need to do it on your own before you ordered. You wouldn’t want to get the ring back and not have it fit.


When you go through the process of picking an engagement ring, you can really see all the different types that are out there. There really is a ring for every personality and budget. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on one, you should be able to find something.

Passion & Intrigue About Diamond Engagement Rings

Passion & Intrigue About Diamond Engagement Rings


Passion and even intrigue are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of diamond engagement rings. There is no other explanation for someone to give their lover a $5,000 to as much as $20,000 diamond ring. Quite simply, men are driven by their passion for a particular woman to give her a diamond engagement ring when he proposes marriage to her. Not only are men and women passionate about their rings, the diamonds alone have been said to wake up romance since ancient times.


Diamond Beginnings

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

The origin of the word “diamond” is from the ancient Greek. Their word for diamond was “adamas” and its actual meaning was “unconquerable”. This seems appropriate since diamonds are supposed to be indestructible or to remain unconquered by any force.


Man’s Passion for Diamonds

Since the discovery of diamonds, they have been sought passionately. They have been fought over and worshiped. They have been stolen, traded and hoarded and even used to cast evil or love spells in nearly every culture. With such a history, one would think that this is the most complex stone on the earth. However, from a purely chemical point of view, it is actually the most simple and purest of all of the precious stones. Unlike other precious gems which have various impurities in them, diamond is only pure carbon. As a result it is technically, first cousin to your child’s pencil for school.

Diamonds as Love Charms

From time immemorial, people have given love tokens of one sort or another. Many of these deteriorate over time as we see when archaeologists dig up coffins or other repositories of ancient civilizations. Love token s can be made from many different materials but all of them erode, corrode or simply break through the decades and centuries. However, diamonds are the ideal love token since they will endure way past the owner. In fact they will look pretty much the same in 50 or even 500 years as they do today. A love token can be just about anything; a book, a picture, a charm or something else. But there is simply nothing however that compares to a diamond engagement ring. They can capture the heart and the imagination of lovers all over the world.


The Symbolism of Diamonds

Since ancient times diamonds were believed to make the wearer courageous as well as victorious over enemies. However, to counter all of this power, they were also supposed to symbolise modesty and innocence of the wearer.


The Biggest Ever – The Cullinan Diamond

Many people buy a diamond engagement ring up to around a one carat diamond. Some buy them with two, even three or four carats. However, the largest diamond ever discovered was the Cullinan Diamond which was found in South Africa, the largest producer of diamonds in the world. The stone was immense weighing in at 3,106 carats. Needless to say, this diamond was priceless. The stone was clearly too big for a ring or any other single piece of jewellery and it was carefully made into a number of smaller diamonds. The main part of the fabled Cullinan Diamond can be seen as part of the British Crown Jewels on display at the Tower of London.


The Dazzle of Diamonds Hollywood-style

Princess cut diamond ring

Princess cut diamond ring

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they are popular all over the world. As a result they are often designed and sold in the some of the most romantic places. This led onto romantic stories and films set in those same famous places. From Hollywood to New York to Paris, they have been on the scene of nearly every love story ever produced. Famous designers as well as movie stars and millionaires and even a few thieves have all bought, sold, stolen and traded diamonds for one reason alone, passion and even intrigue of true love.


Diamond Engagement Rings Nearer Home

While the glitz and glamour of Rome or Hollywood bring forth images of massive diamond rings, for the vast majority of people a more modest approach is the way forward. However, this does not mean that Auckland diamond engagement rings are not glamorous, chic or stylish. In fact some highly skilled jewellery designers in Auckland like Orsini Fine Jewellery have some outstanding rings. You can see some on their website. Click though to get an idea of the range of custom designed diamond engagement rings they offer or some of the top Italian rings made by people such as Marco Bicego for which they have sole distribution rights in NZ.