Diamond jewellery: a stone that is worth it

Diamond jewellery: a stone that is worth it

There is a saying that a diamond is girl’s best friend, we can attest to that quote because a lot of women are crazy about gemstones especially in diamond jewellery, ranging from their engagement ring to earrings and diamond necklaces.


Auckland diamond jewelleryThere are numerous types of priceless and semi-precious gems that are used in jewellery nowadays, each flaunting distinct appeal and sparkle. Nonetheless, when it comes to the popularity of precious stones that are utilised in different pieces of jewellery, diamonds will always be the most popular. There are many reasons why people choose a diamond as the gemstone for their items of jewellery. A few are listed in the article below.


Beauty and brilliance of diamonds

Diamonds emit a special intense glimmer that really radiates from the stone. The amount of light that is reflected determines the degree of radiance or glitter that we see in a diamond. The amount of light depends on the quality of the stone but also on the cut or shape of the stone. Some cuts, such as the radiance, reflect more light and therefore glitter more than other cuts. For more information on how the cut of the diamond affects the reflected light, read this post here. When a woman enters a room, a well-cut diamond with the right stone shines out and can be visible across a room for anyone that is about. Precious stones have a traditional and classic beauty but without doubt the diamond is the king among gemstones being both stunning as well as extremely classy. They also have a global appeal across most cultures in the world.


Sentiment for diamond jewellery

Diamonds are also one of the most emotional gems, as they stand for purity, romance, love, eternity, and also innocence. These are traits that are again recognised around the world. They are the perfect option for jewellery being given as a gift. Whether you are buying jewellery for a partner for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a birthday, or whether you are getting something like a Mother’s day gift, diamond jewellery is an wonderful choice that will certainly surprise the recipient.


Suitability of diamond jewellery

Auckland diamond rings One of the wonderful aspects of diamonds is that they are extremely adaptable and they look great with anything. Diamonds will work with any colour or style of outfit, applying class, style, as well as style to it. These valuable gems are likewise flexible enough to look great in any precious metal setting. You can choose from and shade of gold, yellow, rose or white, silver, palladium, or platinum. The diamonds will look magnificent set in any of them.



We have also all heard the statement ‘Diamonds are forever” and this is almost true. A top quality, well cared-for diamond is something that will certainly last beyond the life of the owner. Being the hardest element known to mankind, it will stand the test of time under normal use and you can delight in the elegance of the diamond forever. In fact it is quite common for people to pass the jewellery to their children or even grandkids, turning it into a heirloom that can go on for centuries.


Diamond jewellery – its appeal

With numerous gemstones to select from it can be hard to determine which one could be the most suitable one for the individual you are buying jewellery for. Some stones like a ruby or emerald simply do not suit some women. But with a diamond you really cannot go wrong as they match almost any colouring any woman. Whether she has green eyes, blonde hair or any skin tone, a diamond will match. Any lady will be delighted to get a piece of dazzling diamond jewellery as a gift for any occasion.

Clip about diamond jewellery

Diamonds – are they all the same?

How do you know that you are buying high-quality diamond jewellery? You can either search online and become knowledgeable about the types of diamond, their cuts, and how clarity influences them. Alternatively, you can look for a reputable jeweller like Orsini Jewellers and they can tell you about the different standards and how to buy a good quality diamond. The owner, Sarah Hutchings, is a qualified gemologist so she has plenty of expertise to help you.


If you are looking for Auckland diamond jewellery, then one of the best shops and designers you can find is Orsini mentioned above. They are based in Parnell, Auckland. You can call to make an appointment for a private viewing or go along to the shop.


Women love jewellery and just a little, well-chosen piece can set off the elegance of a female’s face, something like a gold pendant or diamond earrings like these. Some women consider the simple stud as being the only choice for them while others want to have something a little more expressive for their diamond jewellery. Whatever the lady in your life likes to wear, diamond will always be a big hit so get along to a top class fine jewellery shop and have a chat with the staff to see what you can find.



Auckland Jewellery Designer for Bespoke Pieces

Auckland Designer for Bespoke Jewellery

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the special woman in your life? Perhaps you are tired of the usual gifts falling flat? You need something that is going to dazzle and amaze her. If you live in New Zealand, the answer is to see an Auckland jewellery designer who can craft a bespoke engagement ring, a pair of diamond earrings or a stunning gold necklace for her. When you take your knowledge about her style and preferences then incorporate those into the design you will have the perfect piece of jewellery for sure. She will love it!

Some types of work by Auckland jewellery designer

Engagement rings

Designer engagement ringOne of the most common requests for bespoke pieces of jewellery is for an engagement ring. Most men want to find that perfect engagement ring for his beloved. The rings in chains stores are OK but they are not unique. And often they are not the highest quality of diamond or gold either. So he has to go to a jewellery designer to find that ideal ring for his fiancée.

A designer will ask about the girl’s style of dress, favourite colours and if she has expressed any thoughts on the overall style of engagement ring she wants. Armed with this information, the designer will be able to show some similar examples they have created for other customers. The man can then point out the different aspects he things she will like.

If she has made suggestions or comments about rings she has seen in magazines, the take along the picture to show the jewellery designer.

Designer jewellery for birthday or Christmas presents

Both of these occasions can cause men some stress if they are looking for a special gift. It is safe to say that almost any piece of jewellery will be gladly received. The problem can be that there are so many different pieces to choose from. There is such a wide selection including earrings, necklaces, bracelets as well as rings. From one of these types of jewellery you are bound to be able to find something that she will absolutely adore. It is safe to say that a gold bracelet or diamond ear-rings will be the best birthday gift she has ever had.

Designer jewellery is special

Something neat about designer jewellery is that it tends to be more rare than some other jewellery that you would find in a chain shop or department store. I’m sure you want your special girl to have something that is one of a kind. Well, know you can when you choose bespoke design jewellery.

Whether you are looking for the most modest piece of jewellery or the fanciest you know that you can trust us to find what you are looking for. Prices range from hundreds of dollars all the way to thousands of dollars. All you need to do is let our expert staff know how much you are willing to spend.

Why go with a gift that’s going to fall flat? Do you think she wants chocolates? Well chocolates only last a few minutes and later she will be upset that she has put on weight. She will remember and will be able to appreciate jewellery for a lifetime. Don’t you want your gift to stay with her forever?

How an Auckland jewellery designer can help

A huge advantage of seeing specialist jewellery designers is that they are extremely knowledgeable about the whole topic of jewellery as there are a lot of variations to entire industry and product ranges. Here the experience of the jeweller can help a lot.

Perhaps the most basic questions is the type of piece you are after – a ring, necklace or earrings. This is probably the easiest part of the process.

The next major issue is the question of the type of metal for the piece. Here you can choose from either platinum, silver or gold. But with gold there are various colours to choose from including rose, white as well as the more traditional yellow.

The next problem is what stones do you pick? Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or ruby. These are the precious gems stones but then there are the semi-precious ones like turquoise, topaz and opal. But even this is not the end of the story as even diamonds come in different colours. Yellow, blue and black diamond engagement rings. It can be very confusing for the uninitiated so it is definitely a good idea to go along to see an Auckland jewellery designer to get the benefit of their experience.

Finding an Auckland jewellery designer

There are many different jewellers in Auckland but not all are designers of jewellery. Many simply buy and sell pieces. All of the chain stores fall into this category.

Jewellery designer AucklandIf you are looking for a custom designed bespoke engagement ring then you need to know where to find one. The best place to start is by searching in Google for an “Auckland jewellery designer”, one like Orsini Fine Jewellery in Parnell for example. You could also search for the product itself such as “diamond engagement ring Auckland” for example. Anyway, Orsini has a great reputation and some fantastic pieces on display. Plus thy can make you a special, one-off ring if you want. So look for an Auckland jewellery designer to find that perfect gift for your special lady.

I’m sure that you know what women want. Don’t be a dummy! Follow your instinct and find the perfect rock! You will be rewarded by her love and happiness. Why should you waste your time trying to find a gift that she won’t appreciate?